After spending some time in December on my WsdlToClass project it now has become a proper generator to be used when implementing an SOAP API based on an WSDL file.

On of the latest issues I wanted to resolve actually had me realise I had overlooked a very important issue. It wasn’t PSR-4 compliant. With this being one of the key features of modern PHP this was something I really needed to fix.

With a little help from the Nikic php-parser the correct namespace and classname from the generated code can be derived in order to write the generated code to the correct file name. As a benefit anyone can alter the template or create its own and it will be written to the correct file location.

Hoping with wsdl2phpgenerator and BeSimpleSoap seeming no longer to be maintained WsdlToClass would become a good starting place for generating PHP from a WSDL file.

If your missing a feature; run into issues or have a extravagant WSDL file which can break the generator call me out on Twitter; GitHub or send me an email @

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